Natural Arthritis Remedies

Arthritis can be debilitating if left untreated, regardless of the type.

Your daily activity may not be as high your heart desires on some days, while stiffness can make it painful on others.

Arthritis is a serious concern. Your immune system can be adversely affected by inflammation. It is worth learning natural ways to manage inflammation with natural remedies. This could help you avoid the need for medication.

Natural remedies may help with inflammation, pain relief, and reduction of uric acids.

The pain will gradually disappear if you reduce the inflammation around your joints. Certain spices as well as herbs can do this. These natural remedies can help you feel better.

Herbs and Spices to reduce pain

Here is a list of some great natural Herbs and spices that will help alleviate pain.

Black Pepper

Black pepper – king among natural remedies. Black pepper is rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and antidepressants that will help you feel happy for arthritis treatment. Freshly ground black pepper can be used in your meals.


Cinnamon can be found in all kitchens. It contains anti-inflammatory, antioxidants as well as cinnamic acids, which neutralize uric acid and combat gout.

It helps improve heart health, and it increases good cholesterol or high-density lipoproteins.


Cloves can help reduce inflammation by blocking the production of cytokines by the kidneys. This happens when the immune system switches into a responsive mode. This causes inflammation in and around the joints.


The Frankincense herb can also be used as an essential oil. It helps disrupts the signals between the brain and the kidneys, stopping the production cytokines. Inflammation occurs any time the immune system feels threatened.


Garlic can be a delicious addition to any dish. It is also filled with diallyl diulfide, which prevents the release of inflammatory cytokines. It may also prevent osteoarthritis-caused cartilage degeneration.


Ginseng is a Korean extract that is powerful in antioxidants and can help reduce inflammation. Cells that consume it also absorb it at a higher rate.

Green Tea

Green tea contains a polyphenol called polyphenol epigallocatechin-gallate, which suppresses the immune system and reduces inflammation in patients suffering with rheumatoid arthritis.

Maritime Pine Bark

Pycnogenol, an extract from the French Maritime Pine Bark tree is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It is also great for osteoarthritis.

Cocoa Powder Organic

It has resveratrol which has been shown to be effective in treating autoimmune conditions that can lead to rheumatoid and is also an antioxidant agent and anti-inflammatory agent.

White Willow Bark

Salicin is a natural pain reliever, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory found in the bark of white willow trees. It is also known to fight infections, lower fever, and maintain a strong immune system.

These techniques are natural and can be used to reduce pain as well as inflammation.

Natural Products used to Lower Uric Acid

Gout is the most severe type of arthritis. There are some herbs and spices that can help.

Burdock Root

Burdock root, a natural detox stimulant, helps tp remove many toxins from your bloodstream including high levels of uric acids. It improves liver function and kidney function, so your body can continue to eliminate toxins.


In a study published in 2013 in India’s Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Dandelion tea and extract have been shown to improve kidney function and liver function.

Devil’s Claw Root

In 2013, research was published in the Journal of Medicinal Plants Research that linked Devil’s Claw root with a decrease in uric acid. It can also be used as a great anti-inflammatory agent.

Lemon Herbs

Citric acid is found in lemon herbs, which neutralizes the uric acid and aids the kidneys to flush it out. It dissolves any crystals around joints.

Sour Black Cherries

The United Kingdom National Health Service published research that showed tart cherry juice and sour black cherries are effective in decreasing inflammation and increasing the excretion uric acids.

Wandering Cudweed

Wandering Cudweed is another natural uric acid suppressant. It can be found in many Chinese alternative medicine shops. It can dissolve joint crystals during gout flares.

Although you might not be familiar with all of these products, they can be easily found in alternative medicine shops as essential oils, herbs roots, or extracts. They are also excellent secrets remedies that can be used to treat gout.

Last Thoughts

All we have to do to live a healthy, active life is to use natural remedies. These natural remedies will make it easier to manage arthritis.

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